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Due to current high demand, LPG bottle orders are taking longer than usual to deliver. Please place your order well in advance and be prepared for delays. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Faults, Outages & Fraud

Faults, Outages & Fraud


Are you medically dependent and without power?

If you are having problems with power supply and require electricity for medical equipment please:
  • Use back up power (generator or batteries) and call for an update.
  • Ask family or friends who have power if they can help.
  • If neither of these are available, we recommend seeking assistance from your nearest hospital.
  • Call 111 if you need urgent medical attention or an ambulance.
Please read our Vulnerable and Medically Dependent Customers page about letting us know if you are medically dependent.


Experiencing a power outage?

Have a look at the checklists below.

Safety First!
  • If you smell gas inside, get out immediately. Leave doors open.
  • If there is any risk to people or property (fire, for example) call 111.
  • If you smell smoke or there’s a fire, turn off your mains.
  • Turn off sensitive electrical equipment (computers, cooking, heating)
No Power?
  • Is your main switch turned on? (Some properties have a mains switch in the meter box and the fuse box).
  • Any fuses blown?
  • Do your neighbours have power?
  • Are the street lights on?
  • Has anyone seen or heard anything that may have affected your power? (Any lines down?)
  • Have you received any notifications about planned outages?
  • If you have an advanced meter, is there a red light flashing on it? (If there is, then the outage is within your property).
No Hot Water?
  • Is your hot water cylinder switched on?
  • Have you used all the hot water?
  • Is the water lukewarm? If so, your network company could be load shedding as hot water is usually heated for 16-19 hours a day.
  • Have you given it the opportunity to heat up? (From dead cold, a cylinder can take up to 6 hours to fully reheat).
Please call your Network Company or dedicated faults number or check their webpage for updates (if available).


Preparing for an outage

To minimise any inconvenience a power outage could cause please consider:

Protecting your appliances.
Turn off any sensitive electrical equipment at the wall, such as computers, modems, fax machines and media players. Otherwise, please ensure your equipment is protected against power surges. Note that as long as fridges and freezers are kept closed, the food inside shouldn't be affected.
Protecting anyone in your home that has critical medical equipment powered by mains electricity, or is reliant on electricity for critical medical support. If the disconnection of electricity may result in loss of life, or serious harm to you or someone in your home, you will need to ensure that you have an emergency response plan in place to respond to this electricity outage.
Protecting yourself.
Please remember to be careful and treat all lines and equipment as live at all times. Your power may be restored without warning and possibly earlier than planned.

Occasionally there may be events or circumstances beyond our control which may prevent the planned outage(s) from occurring, or may cause the interruption times and dates to vary. We apologise for any inconvenience should this happen and, where possible, will do our best to stick to the timeframes we’ve given you.



Emails from Frankenstein, Fran or Franny

Frank Energy is committed to protecting your information and is aware that from time to time scammers will attempt to target you by fraudulently using our brand. This could be an email, letter or phone call to you, or through a website illegally using our branding.

We do not condone this activity and advise you to contact us immediately on 0800 086 400 (+64 9 539 4693 from overseas) if you have concerns about any communication you receive, or appear to have received, from us.

We take this very seriously and work with authorities within New Zealand to address these attacks.

We would like to remind our customers that Frank Energy will never ask you for your password and will never ask you by email for personal information (like account or credit card details). You should never provide personal information, whether online or over the phone, unless you are sure it is for a genuine purpose.

For more information on scams and how to protect yourself, please refer to consumerprotection.govt.nz/general-help/scamwatch