LPG Bottle Delivery

Due to current high demand, LPG bottle orders are taking longer than usual to deliver. Please place your order well in advance and be prepared for delays. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
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Manage my energy

Manage my energy


How can I update my account details?

You can update your contact details, make the jump to get your bills by email and set and forget your payments through My Account


How do I sign up for natural gas or LPG bottled gas?

Basically, this is gas in a bottle. So even if your house isn’t set up with gas mains, you can still get the good stuff. If you have your electricity with us, we’ll make LPG even cheaper.

Sign up for LPG in less than 3 minutes.

Add Gas
This is gas on tap, great if your house has all the pipes and gas mains installed and you're ready to hook straight up.

Sign up for natural gas in less than 3 minutes. 



Using My Account & the Mobile App

My Account is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about your account.
  • View graphs of your current and past electricity usage*.
  • Pay your energy bill quickly and simply from your smartphone.
  • Get an estimate on the cost of your next electricity bill.*    
  • Pay your energy bill quickly using your credit or debit card.
  • Sign up for LPG bottled gas and order replacement bottles.
  *Please note a smart meter is required to use these features.

If you’re still rocking a Nokia brick however, you can also do most of this in ‘My Account from your chosen web browser.

Register for My Account here to be able to access the Frank Energy Mobile App.

Existing customer? Log in here.
Forgotten your password? Go to My Account, enter your email address and then choose "Forgot password".
Need help with registering or logging in? Please chat with us live online or give us a call on 0800 086 400.

Download the Frank Energy Mobile App today, by searching for Frank Energy in the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.


Metering & Usage

Standard Electricity & Gas Meters and Readings

There are a number of different types of electricity and gas meters. Some are digital meters and others show the reading using old school dials.

On electricity meters the numbers on a meter represent kilowatt hours (or kWh) of electricity used. Kilowatt hours are often referred to as “units”.

On gas meters, the numbers represent the volume of gas used measured in cubic meters (or m³). We then convert this to kilowatt hours for billing.

Digital Meter

This looks very much like the odometer in a car.

Read the numbers from left to right, ignoring any number that is either coloured red or looks distinctly different to the majority. These are not used for billing purposes.

Smart Electricity and Gas Meters and Readings

These meters communicate directly with our billing system so we don’t need to send anyone round to yours. All helping you know it’s definitely uninvited relatives outside, not us. You’ll get an accurate bill each month and we can also take automatic readings if you move properties.

You shouldn’t ever need to read the meter yourself, but if that’s what pushes your buttons then here’s how to do it.

How to read your Electricity Meter

Your Smart Meter's screen will automatically change its display every eight seconds. To stop the screen changing, just press the ‘SELECT' button.

Your meter reading will appear on the screen.

Test pattern:    This can be ignored. It's just the meter doing a display check.
Your meter reading(s):    Depending on your meter, you could see 24hr, CTRL, NITE, DAY, some figures and kWh. The figures are how much electricity has been used in this billing cycle.
Other meter reading(s):    The meter reading for each plan will appear one after the other for properties with more than one price plan.
Current load:    How much electricity is being used (in kilowatts) right now.
Signal strength:    This figure shows how strong the signal is to wirelessly send us the usage data.
Date:    This displays the current date.
Time:    This shows the current time.
Disconnected:    This will be displayed if the electricity to the meter or property has been disconnected. Usually we'd let you know beforehand unless we need to disconnect the electricity for safety reasons.

Gas Meter

Press and hold the button above “OK” for 4 seconds, the LCD screen will turn on and the reading will be displayed.

The LCD screen will remain blank to save battery usage. To see the meter reading, press and hold the button above “OK” for 4 seconds, the LCD screen will turn on and the reading will be displayed.

Provide a meter reading
If you would like to provide us with your meter reading, call us on 0800 086 400 or chat with us online.

Electricity usage reports
You can request a report of your electricity consumption through us over the last 24 months – call us on 0800 086 400. Alternatively, this information is available in an easy to read graph in our Mobile App. 



Refer a Friend for $50

Get $50 Free Power for you and a mate!

Introduce your friends to Frank and we'll hook you both up with a $50 credit on your next bill once they've signed up.

Passing this deal on to your mates is easy, just log in to My Account or the Mobile App for links you can text or email your mates.

Terms and conditions apply