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My Bill


My bill's a bit high

Check out the below list of common reasons why your bill can change.

Is any money owing from a previous bill?
If you didn’t pay the full amount of your last bill, the rest will carry over to your next one – and continue to do so if you don’t pay the full amount each month.

We gave you an estimated meter reading
We can't always gain access to your meter. At these times we ‘estimate’ your property’s energy usage based on previous meter readings.
Once we get an actual meter reading, we’ll adjust the bill accordingly, or you can live chat us with your actual meter reading.

Longer billing period
Power bills rarely cover the same exact number of days per billing period. So, if you notice a small variation, this could explain it.

Change in the seasons
As well as being a good conversation topic, the weather can have a big influence on your energy usage. Air conditioning will boost your energy usage in summer, while the short days and colder temperatures in winter mean you’ll spend more time with the lights, TV, computer, clothes dryer or heaters on.

Changes within your home
The more people you have in your home, the more energy you’re likely to use. Bringing different appliances into your home can also increase your energy use.

You’ve been using appliances that consume more energy
You might be surprised at how much energy some home appliances use. For more information on their usage, take a look at the manual, the manufacturer’s website or its ‘energy efficiency’ label.

If the appliance doesn't have an 'energy efficiency' label, look for a label on the appliance which tells you how many watts it uses each hour. You'll then be able to convert watts into kWh (number of watts ÷ 1000 = number of kWh) and work out how much it costs per hour based on the kWh charges from your bill.

There was a price change
Prices do change from time to time. If this is the case, we will have let you know at least 30 days in advance. You can check your current bill to see if your prices have recently increased.
If our smarty heads can’t help you out, we have a resolution process which will help.


I haven't received my bill

We’re glad our bills are a highlight for someone. In a world with spam on the rise, make sure your bills get to your inbox not your junk box.

Add [email protected] to your safe senders list so your email provider knows that we’re one of the good ones.

If you’re needing a copy of your bill, you can get your current and previous bills through My Account.


How can I save energy?

Power saving tips for your home

Sounds boring we know, but who doesn’t like the thought of some extra cash in their wallet.
Here are our quick and easy power saving tips for your home.                                                                                              
  • Close your curtains at sundown to minimise the heat loss
  • Use cold water instead of warm for laundry
  • Turn appliances off at the wall rather than leaving them on standby mode
  • A shower is more efficient than a bath as it uses less water
  • Make sure your hot water cylinder is the right temperature. Too high and it’ll cost you more to heat, too low and bacteria may breed. Tip - The Ministry of Health recommend a temperature of 60 degrees celsius or higher to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria
  • Make sure your fridge doors have a good seal. As in those rubber things. Not the marine animal 😊
Lastly if your budget allows, we’d also recommend you install energy efficient light bulbs, insulate walls ceilings and floors, and choose high-efficiency appliances for even greater power savings. Check the Gen Less website for further power saving tips.


Do I get a Prompt Payment Discount?

Further to the recommendations of a NZ Government Review, from 21 August 2020 we no longer offer residential electricity and gas plans with a prompt payment discount. Plus we'd rather offer you rates that you get with no strings attached, that's being Frank.


Help me understand my bill

When you get your energy bill, you'll see there are different parts that make up the total cost.

In addition to the energy costs, everyone pays a small Electricity Authority Levy. This helps to fund the Electricity Authority's work to regulate the electricity industry. This is included in the section below titled 'other'.

You can find out more about how the electricity market in New Zealand works at the Electricity Authority.

Check out this nicely coloured graph to see how your bill is made up :


Wholesale Costs (Generation) – 32%
This is the cost we pay for purchasing electricity.

Transmission and Distribution – 37.5%
The transmission and distribution costs required to build and maintain the power lines that transport electricity from where it is generated to your house. This is a cost that Energy Online pays Transpower and the regional lines companies.

Retail – 13%
This is what retailers like Energy Online charge for providing services.

GST – 13%
This is Goods and Services Tax (15%). GST makes up 13% of the total bill price which includes GST.

Metering and Other– 4.5%
This is the cost of reading and maintaining your electricity meter.