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Gas Smart Meters

Gas Smart Meters


What's the benefit of having a gas smart meter?

Gas smart meters are the latest metering technology, and give you heaps of benefits over a traditional gas meter. We’re rolling them out to households across the North Island over the next few months.

More accurate bills

Your usage information will now be read remotely each day.  This means no more estimated gas readings.  You’re only billed for the gas you use.

Gas smart metering removes the need for estimated bills, and the need for physical meter reads. When you have a smart meter you can expect to receive a bill based on your actual usage each month.

Hassle-free privacy

Because your meter will be read remotely, there’s no need to worry about people coming onto your property, leaving a key with the meter reader or having to keep pets inside.


Covid-19 safety protocols

Here’s what we’re doing to help keep you and our team safe while we install your new gas smart meter.


Alert Level 1

  • We’ll use hand sanitiser before and after each visit.
  • We’ll stay at home if we’re feeling unwell.

Alert Level 2

  • We’ll use hand sanitiser before and after each visit.
  • We’ll stay at home if we’re feeling unwell.
  • We’ll wear PPE (masks or gloves) as recommended by the Government.
  • We’ll ensure we maintain social distancing of at least 2 metres when we’re at your home. If we can’t complete the work while maintaining a 2-metre distance, then we won’t proceed with the installation.
  • During the relight process, we’ll wipe down all surfaces we touch inside your house with disinfectant.

Alert Level 3 and 4

  • We won’t install your new gas smart meter during level 3 or 4.
  • If we’ve already sent you a date and/or time for an appointment, we'll contact you to reschedule.

If you’re in self-isolation, please let us know. We’ll put your gas smart meter installation on hold for two weeks, and contact you to reschedule.


Will there be a cost to change the meter?​

There is no charge for the standard installation of a gas smart meter. However, if a gas smart meter requires more complex compliance-related work, you may incur some costs. Any such costs will be discussed with you prior to any work commencing.

In rare circumstances, pricing plans may be amended if the meter pressure or network information we initially used to set your pricing plan was incorrect - we will let you know if this happens.


How do they work?

Gas smart meters use a wireless communications kit with advanced capabilities for measuring and recording energy consumption. This removes the need for estimated bills, and physical meter reads.


What company will be installing the smart meters?

Vector Metering or Powerco (or one of their approved sub-contractors) will be installing the smart meters. They'll carry an ID badge showing their name and the name of the company they work for.


Is there anything I will need to do before the Gas Smart Meter installation?​

Please move any obstacles from in and around your natural gas meter, so that our metering technician can safely install your new meter.

Remember, as your gas supply will be disconnected while we replace your meter, you won’t be able to use any gas appliances during this time.

For the reconnection of your gas supply after the meter installation, an adult is required to be home. This is for safety reasons, as your appliances may need to be re-lit. This needs to be done by a technician or gas fitter.


How long will the installation take, and will my gas supply be interrupted?​

There will be a short interruption to your gas supply. If you are home for the installation, it'll take about 45 minutes.

If you are not home, then the metering technician will leave the gas turned off until you return home. A calling card will be left in your letterbox and the metering technician will return that evening and carry out the final checks, turn the gas on and relight pilot lights.


You held a key/gate security code for accessing my old gas meter, can I get it back/will you destroy it?

If you require your key back, you can contact us to request it be returned to you.

30 Days after your smart gas meter is installed, we'll write to you asking if you want to have your key returned. If we don't hear back from you, we'll arrange for your key to be securely destroyed. We'll also delete any alarm code information we hold in our systems.


What happens if I change retailers?

If you change retailers, your new retailer can still manually read the meter by sending a meter reader to your property.


Who owns the gas smart meter?

The gas smart meters are owned by Vector Metering.


Will the gas smart meter fit where the old meter is now?

Yes it will, the pipe inlet and outlet are standardised to allow these to be switched out easily.


Will the gas smart meter still require a cover?

Yes, we will replace the meter and retain the current cover. If we need to replace more than just the meter, we may also install a new meter cover.


How is a gas smart meter powered?

The gas smart meter is battery operated and will not need to be connected to electricity. The battery is sealed/housed inside the meter and has a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. We'll notify you when the battery is due to be replaced and arrange a metering technician to carry out the work. There is no charge for battery replacement.

Please note: the LCD screen will remain blank to save battery usage. To see the meter reading, press and hold the button above “OK” for 4 seconds, the LCD screen will turn on and the reading will be displayed.