LPG Bottle Delivery

Due to current high demand, LPG bottle orders are taking longer than usual to deliver. Please place your order well in advance and be prepared for delays. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

How is it calculated?

Energy rates are made up of many different parts.


The electricity industry is a complex beast but at Frank, we keep the complexity with our industry nerds and keep your pricing simple.  Your electricity invoice is made up of a rate per day and a rate per kWh used for each of your meters or registers.  The price you pay covers the costs that go to the network, the industry levies (some of our competitors list these out separately) and our other costs like buying the electricity off the wholesale market, creating invoices, answering queries and so on.

We recommend using our Price Finder to find your price for your address or we lay out all our residential pricing page here. We supply electricity to all New Zealand and most supply types (including small businesses) but if your pricing doesn’t come up in our Price Finder, please get it touch with us. You can rest assured that new or old, staff or customer, our prices are our prices.


You might have heard that all retailers are required to offer a low user option if it’s your primary place of residence (there are a few criteria to meet).  We want to be Frank and dispel a bit of a myth around this – it’s easy to think your bill will be lower on this plan but it’s very dependent on how much you use; if you are a higher user of electricity, the low user plan could be more expensive than if you were on the standard plan. The regulations are going to be phased out by April 2027 (if you’re into the legal guff, you can find it here) but until then, it’s important to check that you are on the right plan for what you use.  At Frank, we will let you know your options and leave the choice to you to make the change once a year for free.  

Your pricing also depends which of the (many) network regions you’re in and in some regions, the price depends on whether the network deem you rural or urban, how big your hot water cylinder is, or what finger you use to test the wind direction outside your house (last one is a joke, but we think you get the point).  In some regions, if the property is not deemed your primary place of residence, you may not be eligible for the low user or standard user plan and these regions have a bach plan instead.  

But wait, there’s more!  There is yet another layer; what type of meter you have on your property.  

Meter configurations:

  • If you have an Uncontrolled meter (also known as an Anytime or a 24hr meter), then this charges everything at the one price no matter what time of day.

  • If you have a Controlled meter, the electricity may be controlled by the network in peak demand times or in the case of a Night Only meter, supply will be limited to specific hours of the day.

  • If you have an All Inclusive (also known as a Composite) it’s a bit of a combo of the Uncontrolled and Controlled but where everything is wired through the one meter

  • If you have a Day/Night meter or get charged Peak/Off Peak/Shoulder, this is where your usage for the day is divided up into blocks.  Usually the Night or Off Peak is charged at a much cheaper rate than the Peak or Day usage is charged at.  

What you get charged depends on how your meter is set up and sadly it’s not always a case of being able to pick and choose.  If you are keen to find out what might be available to you, please chat with our team.

Natural Gas (Reticulated / Piped)

Frank Energy supply 2 types of natural gas – piped and bottled.

Natural gas is available in the North Island only, where a piped / reticulated supply exists.  At Frank we try to keep our pricing simple, so your invoice is made up of a rate per day and a rate per kWh of gas used.

In the background, gas prices are a wee bit complicated.  Part of the price you pay gets passed on to the network for distribution costs (which covers costs like maintaining the pipes), another part to the network for transmission costs (which covers costs like getting the gas down the pipe) and these costs vary depending on which region you are in.  

And then there are our costs which include buying the gas from the wholesale market, reading the meter, creating invoices, answering queries, blah blah blah.  We recommend using our Price Finder to find your price for your address, you can also find it all laid out in our residential pricing page here.  

LPG Bottled Gas

We supply 45kg LPG Bottled Gas to properties set up with a 2 bottle connection and the gas bottles are supplied and delivered by Genesis.  Once the 2 LPG bottles are on site, we charge a monthly rental fee for 2 bottles plus a price per bottle when subsequent bottles are ordered – see our pricing page here for latest pricing.